“Wasted in the Waiting” is a re-release from the digital-only release from 2020, now on cassette available through Cosmic Winnetou (Thank you, Günter). So as a re-release, I usually would have spent a bit less time, but … As it was digital only, it has not yet been reviewed in Vital Weekly. So: Yeah! New Celer! “Wasted in the Waiting” is a 2-track album, “Unreality in Misfortune” counts 38 minutes, “Mere Threads” is almost 46. So if you just read the Modelbau review, you already see me being happy: Long meandering tracks with subtle behaviour are the audible territory. And yes, “Unreality in Misfortune” is a perfect example, even with the abrupt ending. The build-up is massive, the choice of orchestral sounds significant, and it seems endless. Then, “Mere Threads”. The beginning is about the best I’ve ever heard, and the track is Celer. It goes on and on and works best when played in the background to form ‘one’ with your environment … Hmm, now, where have I heard that before … Yes, the minimalism that is Celer is an acquired taste, but if you were to try something this minimal, you might as well try this one.