Will Long has produced more than 100 releases under the name Celer since 2005. He’s also a member of a pop band called Oh, Yoko, and has another five recordings under either his own name or Mogador. On top of that, the Tokyo-based American workaholic is a writer, photographer and label runner.

His latest work — a straightforward ambient offering in the tradition of Brian Eno’s 1980s work — is not his best. Another Blue Day features just two pieces, a title track and “And Another.” If those titles feel rudimentary, wait until you see the monochromatic pale blue cover.

Another Blue Day isn’t a bad album. It’s pleasant, soothing even. File it alongside similar minimalist works produced to coexist with whatever ambient noise the listener is surrounded by. Unfortunately, pretty much any other noise you hear will be more interesting than the actual recording.

Those pressing the fast forward button in search of something more exciting (and this is a distinct possibility) will be disappointed. It would be an overstatement to say that nothing happens over the album’s 43 minutes, but it certainly feels that way.