Celer was once an American duo of Danielle Baquet-Long and Will Long, but since the death of the first Long is single-handedly continued to ambient project which also makes trips to installations and exhibitions. He also collaborates with Miko under the name Oh Yoko and Christoph Heemann as Hollywood Dream. His current residence Tokyo and a romantic, melancholy view of life determine the eleven songs on ‘Sky Limits’, where an almost zen-like beauty radiates. To stay in style: it seems very long haiku, where poetry, ambient sounds and grease smeared synth lines go hand in hand. Occasionally even on the verge of kitsch, as the moment of wholeness by a hair is removed and all records will fully open. Ordinary things like tea, and the train are interspersed with matters that occur in the higher regions, and are encased in overblown titles, but from everything speaks of joy and wonder.