Precise, crystalline synth academia from Rangefinder, with Night Ride, on Tokyo based Bun Tapes. Tracks that seem to present themselves as objects for observation. As each new element is introduced, it is made fully available in the mix, unobscured, and presented from all angles to absorb each new effect in context with the former. For me, this feels as much academic in execution as artistic. That some synth music can be as much about displaying the science of composing sound as it is about creating astral soundtracks shrouded in mystery. This one strikes a fine line between the two, plenty of opportunities to zone out into the horizon, and still not lose sight of the computations encompassing the delivery of a sine and square wave. Sounds like a starship full of mathematicians.

The physical product is really quite striking. Peach shells, professionally imprinted, nice beefy card stock and design. Seems like the tape equivalent of the PAN aesthetic.