Some pairings, collaborations are more natural than others; there are times you see two artists together and it instantly clicks. Celer and Hakobune is one such collaboration, the kind of thing I could see coming from a mile away, bound to happen eventually, but it delivers stellar results all the same. Both of these artists are known for their glowing drones, always steeped in raw emotion. On the two side-long pieces of “Vain Shapes and Intricate Parapets,” their assimilation is seamless. The line between each artist evaporates, leaving the focus on the music, which shines. Tonal shifts are subtle yet effective. This is music that is steeped in warmth, enveloping the listener as it builds in strength and potency. For two projects that have given so many memorable moments, “Vain Shapes and Intricate Parapets” is a uniquely high mark.