Celer is an ambient/soundscape project by Will Long, who has an extensive list of releases under his belt made as Celer and various other monikers.

The 52-minute outcome found on “Without Retrospect, the Morning” (which is the final part of the water-themed trilogy of albums that included the previous releases “Cursory Asperses” and “In Escaping Lakes”) can be classified as profoundly quiet, slow morphing textural dwellings and glacial, airy tapestries.

Shaped and refined in severe winter conditions in South Alberta, Canada, Celer’s emotional and fragile long form music has a timeless and dreamy impact, while also evoking a deep sense of remoteness. A more up-front sense of drama and sound of drifting drones presents itself at the tail of the album, especially on “Distance and Mortality”, before the music winds down in quiet currents and streams on the closing piece.

All in all, the quality-ambience of “Without Retrospect, the Morning” is an intense audio companion transforming the feeling of being ultimately alone into sound, bringing a sense of consolation in the end while its flowing, tranquil tones gently evolve at its own pace.