What a pleasant package has found its way into my mailbox. Two releases with beautiful artwork came from Dronarivm records, both in a big postcard size packaging and tempting packaging. I started with listening to Celer, with two tracks, each lasting a little over half an hour, and it certainly made my evening!

For this magical one hour, Celer seems to almost completely freeze time for the listeners. The music, a warm drone that exists both in a dark stone garden of the weeping angels and in the heavenly, timeless gates of paradise, flows in such a slow motion that it almost seems like one musical occurrence is taking one hour to manifest itself. Throughout this experience, Celer serves as the caretaker for dozens of beautiful sights and sounds that fade in and out of his frozen, lyrical world.

Fans of barren landscape and musical desertification would love this brittle release and with a very good reason. After this album ends, the only drawback I can think of in relation to this album is the fact that time seems to fly forward as soon as the last second of this album dies, as if to remind me that the world is hurling itself into catastrophe, no matter how hard I try to stop it through Rags of contentment.