Northern Twilights, a new Ireland-based tape/zine label, is quick to impress with fresh sounds from Celer.  Will Long’s steady stream of consistent drones continues here with the same level of beauty and melancholy you’ve come to expect from the project.  Two side-long tracks perpetuate Celer’s perfected drift here, weightlessly skimming a placid body icy warmth. Long’s continuation of Celer has only cemented the project’s ability to juxtapose light and dark, cold and warmth, and mourning and contentment.  It’s wholly emotive; overwrought in a good way.

“Walking Out the Latency” carries the first side with long-form drones of looping melancholy.  Almost like Disintegration Loops but with high-quality tapes, the piece cycles through seemingly without origin or interference, steadily meandering through space and unencumbered by edits or thought.  The effortless production gives a deeply meditative quality that would be lost with any sonic interruption.  “Shift Opportunities” is a bit darker than “Walking…,” with a gauzy haze enveloping the distant drones.  The piece’s effervescence plays the perfect compliment to the A-side.

Bonus points too for Long’s wordplay with his titling.  There’s a sense of humor that sifts out of Celer’s song and release titles, mixing deep or dramatic concepts with everyday banalities.