Evaporate and Wonder is the latest ripple in a steady Celer stream whose flow continues with the same reassuring regularity notwithstanding Dani’s departure several years ago. Will Long soldiers on manfully, wil(l)fully, if you will, maintaining their signature glacial-warm form of electronically-enhanced holy minimalism. It’s in particularly good voice here, and substantially less reticent than on certain more parsimonious recent works (cf. Dying Star). Though source material for the recordings is similarly limited—to improvised synthesizers and field recordings in this case, end results are gratifyingly less mean, more moody and magnificent, uncompromised by eponymous evaporative habit—indeed, wonders of diaphanous expansivity. The first of two long-form pieces, “Bedded in Shallow Blades,” is a glassine flow of radical etherealism within which low-end seep creeps through under a nebula of serpentine sonorities simultaneously solid, liquid and gas. A sound so close yet far away, as if a capture of echoes of something that once was straining towards release—towards an elusive eternal perhaps. This orientation is further evidenced on “Repertoire of Dinless Shifts,” on which silvery shoals of minnow-y timbres are maneuvered through a nocturnal hum of sublimated thrum. What ensues is a minimally orchestrated sequence of long drawn out languorous exhales of harmonically coloured haze, eschewing earth and fire for aether and air. Solicitous interventions in processing and composition issue in a fabric of a certain density that nevertheless retains an openness of texture, a supple body and lightness of cadence. Evaporate and Wonder is among the last works Celer recorded as a duo, and here their forces converge with particularly delicate precision in a numinous diptych washed in shades luminous and opaque, static yet shifting, barely there yet fully present, at once everywhere and nowhere.