‘Recumbent in Wishes’ was created in 2010 while at my home, using only an organ and a laptop. Since it was completed in a relatively short time, I’ve been reluctant to release it, or even send it to anyone simply because of its utter melancholy, and conditional circumstances at the time. It was created at a time of near isolation except for my immediate family, all centered around the slow loss of my father from cancer. We all know that there is an end to life, and that sometimes it comes unexpectedly. Though, we always imagine it in the most heroic senses, thinking that we’ll fight through as hard as possible to the bitter end. However, sometimes when that time comes, no matter how strong was the will and heart of the person, something can be lost, and never found again. It’s a sad reality, but nonetheless a true moment of dying.

While I don’t deny that this is an absolutely melancholy album, I do think that even through these moments, that flashes of lightness and comfort erupt, if only in the understanding, and acceptance of memory, love, and time. Even in the worst moments, beauty and enlightenment can be found.

‘Recumbent in Wishes’ is a digital-only release.

Thank you for your support,

Will Long, Tokyo, 2012