Well here’s a little gem that will definitely be a collector’s item quickly:

Celer (Will Long) and Machinefabriek (Rutger Zuydervelt) – two giants of the ambient-electronic improv scene – met and performed together in Tokyo in 2010, and decided to collaborate on these tracks about a year later. Exchanging an reconstructing each others audio files has resulted in this 7″ vinyl release: “Maastunnel-Mt. Mitake“. An impressive, though short, ‘audio bridge’ between Rotterdam and Tokyo.

“Maastunnel-Mt. Mitake” comes as a 7-inch single with two tracks, around 5 minutes each. The tracks found their inspiration in Mt. Mitake, a mountain to the west of Tokyo, and in the Maastunnel in Rotterdam.

The reason these tracks work so very well may be that Celer’s and Machinefabriek’s approach are usually quite different. But together their sounds become a perfect blend of organic and mechanic, of acoustic and electronic, of natural and artificial (as the titles indicate).
Or of East and West, if you insist.

In addition to the physical release, there’s the download version (also included with the 7-inch order), which also includes two videos by Marcel Douma. Beautiful images,a pleasure to watch, and perfectly fitting the music – but not exactly visually related to the Maastunnel , and probably not to Mt. Mitake either.

For now, there’s only ten minutes of this beauty. Celer and Machinefabriek will be touring Holland and Belgium in march 2012 (together with Kleefsta/Bakker/Kleefstra!). We can only hope they will record all their shows to create a follow up to this “Maastunnel-Mt. Mitake