As a way to bring more out of print and unpublished albums into physical existence, ‘Endes’ will restart the Celer self-released format of publication, but in a new style and format. Starting now, pre-orders for ‘Endes’ will begin in a special reserved-copy only form. It will be a CD edition in a simple, affordable, and fully-pressed jacket sleeve, intended to be the beginning of what I hope will be a long series of future publications.

What does ‘reserve only’ mean? Reserve only means that the CD will be made available for pre-order and sale only through the Celer Bandcamp page, and it will be available only in an edition of 300 copies. The edition will not be available in stores (unless there are remaining copies after printing). Once the edition is gone, another unpublished (on CD) or out of print release will be next in line.

By ordering a reserved copy, you will have the opportunity to directly support the publishing of the release, as it is necessary to help with the funding of the project. Each CD will be specially numbered, and all sales will contribute to funding of the release in particular, and of future releases in the Celer series.

Since only 300 copies will be available, and for pre-order only, each week sales will be calculated, and the remaining number of copies will be listed below, displaying the number of copies that remain available.

Thank you for your support!

Release date: 1/1/2012

Buy here:

Remaining copies: 290/300