Though not as prolific as Celer, her project of many years with husband Will Long, Danielle Baquet-Long’s solo recordings as Chubby Wolf are numerous even if they are outnumbered by those from her shared endeavor. The most recent collection of her recordings under that name, titled Turkey Decoy, recently came out from Digitalis, making the album one of the most formal releases of her work since she passed away in 2009. It’s a stirring set of songs, together composing a cycle of ambient soundscapes that move and gently shift around one another across layers that feel like the intersection of some odd tandem chant, like the call and response of daemons; hierophants conducting souls hither and yon. That sense of mysticism contrasts beautifully with individual track titles which, like the name of the album itself, are evocative and textural; “Rattling Mandibles” conjures up a human jaw vibrating like a hummingbird, singing a gentle, eleven minute drone, while “If There’s an Elephant in the Room, Introduce It” is a haloed Ganesh emanating the same. The more explicit or whimsical titles, like “Short Dick” and “Scalloped Toes” compose a more nebulous realm of idiosyncrasy that seems too intimate to scrutinize, but they’re nonetheless endearing, if not more so for that reason. Turkey Decoy is sublime.