‘Noctilucent Clouds’ was created between 2007-2009 as an intended follow-up to ‘Nacreous Clouds’,
which was released on the and/OAR label. While ‘Nacreous Clouds’ consisted of very short tracks
of loops, ‘Noctilucent Clouds’ is structured differently, according to the differing shape and¬†movements of the clouds. As polar mesospheric clouds, they are the highest in the earths’ atmosphere, and typically too faint to be seen. However, when visible, they appear at twilight, moving in giant sheets of faintly changing lights.
In creating the music for this concept, only a small group of loops were used, within varying ranges of
high and low tones, extremely long reverb, and structured delay trails. Unwanted noise was completely filtered out through a mixing board, leaving only slowly moving, randomly-appearing swathes of high lights, and deep blacks.
Previously unreleased.