Dear friends,

I’m pleased to announce that this summer I will begin a self-released 12″ vinyl series, of all original and unpublished music. The vinyl is fully pressed, not lathe cuts. So far the first 4 LPs have been completed (8 tracks total), and will be released one at a time, in editions of 100 copies only. Each edition will be black-label vinyl, in a matte black outer sleeve. Credits will be handwritten, and each copy will be numbered.

I hope that this new series will be positive, and a return to personalization of hand-assembled music. The music will be comprised original recordings made in the last few months of reel-to-reel tape loops, all created using an entirely analog process, without the use of computers.

No samples will be posted, but downloads will be available once each edition sells out.

The first edition of the series will be released on July 5, 2011, and is titled ‘Ever, Irreplaceable Beauty

Each copy will be $20. Shipping will be $5 in the US and Japan, and $15 worldwide. If you are interested in pre-ordering a copy, please email me at

I appreciate your support!