What are you running away from? This question is one the last phrases of the new release of Celer. Celer is Danielle Baquet – Long and William Thomas Long. The married couple released an enormous amount of music all over the world and their music has a deep ambient and meditative atmosphere. This composition starts with dark threatening soundwaves and moves to melancholic tones and accords. The repetitive elements of the music works very well and droning and the mood develops more open and hopeful. But than the mood slowly changed.
As known, I guess for the readers of Vital, Danielle Baquet – Long died in July 2009 of a heart-failure. I do not know for what the lasts words are standing for. I think the source is from the conversation between a man and a woman is sampled from a movie. She asked him for many times just one single question: “What are you running away from?” Is this question meant for William and for all people who had to deal with the loss of a beloved person? (JKH)