Our album ‘Compositions For Cassette’ has been reissued by the cassette label Avant Archive, and is now available! Sincere thanks to Michael for making this special album available once again.

Find it here: http://avantarchive.com/catalog/index.php

Press release:

Celer’s Compositions for Cassette remains one of the duo’s most curious and exploratory works. This is Celer on a noble mission, with clearly defined rules and a very limited toolset. Over the course of twelve pieces, Will and Danielle gush their customary mysterious-yet-gorgeous sound, but in this particular case it is all built from brief piano loops recorded to quickly-decaying tape. The pieces are perforated all over, some of them appearing almost only as ghosts of what they might have once been. It’s an apropos approach for this couple who have such a distinct reputation for almost defining that controversial ‘genre’: ‘drone’. This reissue edition collects the original compositions now on Avant Archive’s customary high-bias chrome cassette, and it includes an original artwork and layout by Johnny Utterback, as well as some combinative photography and layout created in a collaborative process between Will Long and Avant Archive.