Soft Candy ‘Self Portrait’


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Track list:
1 Opening ceremony
2 Fancy clock
3 Waking up
4 Alessandro
5 Stirring soup
6 Silent chair
7 Cutting and chopping
8 Reverse universe
9 Wonder powder
10 When I grow up
11 Yuge
12 Grandpa
13 Taiso
14 Goodbye teacher
15 Sound of cloud
16 I am coming

I came to the mountain some time ago. My room is filled with clocks that chime out of time and cuckoo, scaring the crows away from my garden. I can sleep and be far away from you, even though sometimes that purple haze crawls over the eastern valley. But you still can’t make it out, stuck like a sandcastle on the beach. At night there are a thousand stars overhead. I have fond memories, because everything has a beginning. In the future, manage your changes. Now, I’m going to make some tea and play with my cat.

Self Portrait is the second release of Bun Tapes and the debut for Soft Candy aka Rie Mitsutake (Miko).

Bun Tapesの第二弾リリースとなる「Self Portrait」はSoft Candyのデビュー作品です。カスタム・アートワーク/フルカラーのインサート、白と透明色のケース、深赤色の刷り込みカセット。2014年2月出荷予定。

Available directly as:

  • Cassette edition from Bun Tapes,with custom artwork and a full color insert, a white and transparent norelco case, and pomegranate-red imprinted cassettes.
  • Digital download (included with all physical versions) also separately available in MP3, ALAC (Apple Lossless), and FLAC.