Celer ‘Tempelhof’


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Track list:
1 Lights Inside and Ahead
2 3.14 Transfer To Frankfurt
3 Deck Allusion
4 3.31 Night Train To Berlin
5 A Single Quantum Event
6 3.13 Beijing Layover
7 Associations With the Same Intention
8 3.21 Basel After a Rain
9 Ends That Come As Quickly As Beginnings

Touring is a strange experience. There are disappointments and surprises. The audience you expected wasn’t there, but those usually shows end up being the best. I didn’t expect I’d see these cities. Frankfurt in the rain, or falling asleep in the back of a car in Basel, waiting for a show to start. You wake up and you’re in a different place, or already moving on to the next before you can experience the place.

All the tapes I dubbed for the tour I left in the first hotel, and did the rest on the trains en route. When we walked to the field at Tempelhof, it was totally covered with snow, and it was so cold my camera lens froze. Your hair whipped in the wind like a mustang.

I remember the taxi interiors in Poland, and how many women wore leather in Russia. I couldn’t find bookstores, but it didn’t matter. Meeting everyone was the best part of it, you experience these small events during the days or at night, and you think how we’ll remember this forever. Then you return home, and never speak with them again.

Tempelhof was recorded on tour in 2013 in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, and Russia. It was mixed in Japan between 2013 and 2015.

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